EPFL start-ups

There is no official list of EPFL start-ups but it was thought that it would be of interest to mention a tentative list of companies which were created from EPFL technologies and/or people or with which EPFL had very close links from their foundation or main line of business. The list is built by year of foundation. When available, the web site is linked to the company logo.

A more detailed information is available on the EPFL spin-off page as well as on the web site of the EPFL Innovation Park for these companies as well as those who has an office there.

For more information about start-ups at EPFL, you can visit the page Entrepreneurship support

2014 – 2015

Anemomind Best Mile Bridgology
Bright Sensors Cellestia Biotech Cyberhaven
Composyt Else Flyability
Gamaya G-therapeutics Hydromea
Ideao IM4TB Inpher
Kaemco Kanyos Bio Lake Diamond
Lively Planet Lucentix Lunaphore
Morphodyne Morphotonix Nanoga
PB&B Playfulvision PocketCampus
Powzy Pristem Quartet Medicine
RAW Labs SensArs Neuroprosthetics  SpectroSwiss
Spirochrome Synaestech  
TwentyGreen Xsensio  


2012 – 2013

Akselos Bluewatt Citiviz


2009 – 2011



2006 – 2008



2003 – 2005



2000 – 2002


1997 – 1999



1991 – 1996

1970 – 1990