How to distribute the code

For compiled (object) code software license shall be included in the documentation and users shall accept license terms during installation.

In case of distribution of source/non compiled code many ways can be conceived to correctly distribute software.


Universal distribution

Software distributed under open source licences or compiled programs for general use (private or commercial) can be easily distributed via laboratory website.

The license terms shall be included in the software documentation or added to the software package.


Academic distribution

In the case of accademic distribution TTO recommends the following approaches.


Limited distribution

In case software will be distributed to a few number of institutions license should be sent to each academic partner for signature before sharing the code.


Multiple academic institutions

For software distributed to multiple academic institutions in parallel we recommend to ask for formal request via mail or an input form specifying the full coordinates and all the details related to the research project.

DIT has developed a form managing server for such purposes:

The software with the license terms shall be sent to the academic institution in a separate mail or by sharing a terporary link for download.



Commercial distribution

In the case of commercial distribution TTO recommends to share code only on physical supports or via access restricted servers.

Please contact TTO for any further question on this subject.