EPF Council Ordinance

All employees of the ETH domain are subject to the rights and obligations set in the Ordinance of the ETH Council in relation to intellectual property they create in the exercise of their activity to the EPFL.
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EPFL Directives

The activities of the Technology Transfer Office are regulated by EPFL directives about grants, contract research and technology transfer.
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Rules concerning overheads are contained in the Financial Regulation of the EPFL (See Annex p. 33-34).
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Conflits d’intérêts

When a professor or an employee participates financially or carries any activities in a start-up possible conflicting interests may arise. To prevent and manage such conflicts of interests EPFL Direction wanted to establish guidelines by setting principles and rules in order to protect the interests of employees, EPFL and third parties.
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Agreement for EPFL employee English version
Agreement for Professors English version
Private consulting agreement English version