Our research agreements

TTO is your partner for drafting, negotiating and approving industrial research contracts.

You will find here templates of research collaboration agreements with EPFL, as well as their respective summary.



  • Each template applies to a specific type of project (research, CTI projects and scientific services).
  • In particular situations, notably in the case that EPFL has previous commitments, the contracts will be tailored. During the negotiation with the industrial partner, the TTO of EPFL will put in place the particular conditions applicable to the specific situation.
  • Any agreements with an industrial partner with an amount above CHF 50’000.- shall be approved by the TTO of EPFL before signature and cosigned by the head of TTO. Agreements of less than CHF 50’000.- shall comply with applicable rules and reglementation (see notably the DSCRTT); you can contact TTO for the negotiation of agreements of less than CHF 50’000.-.


And have a look at our FAQ to know more on the different types of contracts.

Here, you will find necessary information regarding non-disclosure agreements (NDA).